Script Conventions

Posted in Introduction

When creating a new script, it is important that the script have a unique name. Otherwise, two scripts with the same name would interfere with one another, and most likely neither one would work correctly.

The convention that Anime Studio uses is for scripts to be named with a prefix representing the creator of the script. For example, the Add Point tool (that comes included with moho) is named "LM_AddPoint", the "LM" standing for "Lost Marble".

If you create your own scripts, please give them a prefix that represents yourself, or your company. Do not use the prefix "LM". Even if you created a script called "LM_Fireworks" that doesn't exist in Anime Studio Pro, there's no guarantee that Smith Micro will never include a fireworks script. But if your name is Joe Blow and you name your script "JB_Fireworks", then both your script and Smith Micro's script can co-exist without interference.