class LM_AngleWidget

The LM_AngleWidget class provides a knob to let the user enter an angle value. To create a new angle widget, you would use the following function:

LM_AngleWidget LM.GUI.AngleWidget(msg)

Creates a new LM_AngleWidget object that can then be added to a dialog or toolbar.

Return value (LM_AngleWidget): the newly-created angle widget
msg (int): the message value to send when the angle is changed by the user

Member Functions

void SetValue(angle)

Sets the angle value of the angle widget.

Return value: none
angle (float): an angle in radians

float Value()

Returns the current angle value.

Return value (float): the current angle value in radians
class LM_AngleWidget : public LM_BaseWidget {
  void SetValue(real angle);
  real Value();