class LM_DynamicText

The LM_DynamicText class is used to display a text label in a dialog or toolbar, whose value can change. To create a new dynamic text label, you would use the following function:

LM_DynamicText LM.GUI.DynamicText(label, width)

Creates a new LM_DynamicText object that can then be added to a dialog or toolbar.

Return value (LM_DynamicText): the newly-created dynamic text
label (string): the initial text label
width (int): the width of the text label in pixels (set this to 0 for automatic sizing)

Member Functions

void SetValue(text)

Set the text label as a string.

Return value: none
text (string): a text string to set as the label

void SetValue(i)

Set the text label as an integer.

Return value: none
i (int): a number to use as the text label

void SetValue(f)

Set the text label as a floating-point number.

Return value: none
f (float): a number to use as the text label
class LM_DynamicText : public LM_BaseWidget {
  void SetValue(const char *text);
  void SetValue(int32 i);
  void SetValue(real f);