class LM_PopupMenu

The LM_PopupMenu class creates a popup menu widget on the screen. Clicking on this object will bring up the actual menu. To create a new popup menu widget, you would use the following function:

LM_PopupMenu LM.GUI.PopupMenu(width, radioMode)

Creates a new LM_PopupMenu object that can then be added to a dialog or toolbar.

Return value (LM_PopupMenu): the newly-created popup menu
width (int): the width of the popup menu in pixels
radioMode (bool): If true, then only one item can be selected from the popup menu. If false, then the commands in the menu are not selected with a check, but work like normal menu commands.

Member Functions

void SetMenu(menu)

By itself, a popup menu does nothing. Use this function to attach a menu to the widget so that when the user clicks on it, the menu appears.

Return value: none
menu (LM_Menu): the menu object to display when the user clicks on the popup menu

LM_Menu Menu()

Returns the menu object attached to the popup menu.

Return value (LM_Menu): the menu object attached to the popup menu
class LM_PopupMenu : public LM_BaseWidget {
  void SetMenu(LM_Menu *menu);
  LM_Menu *Menu();