class LM_RadioButton

The LM_RadioButton class represents one choice among several. Two or more radio buttons are typically used to let the user choose between mutually exclusive options. When one is selected, the other choices get automatically de-selected. To create a new radio button, you would use the following function:

LM_RadioButton LM.GUI.RadioButton(label, msg)

Creates a new LM_RadioButton object that can then be added to a dialog or toolbar.

Return value (LM_RadioButton): the newly-created radio button
label (string): the text that should appear next to the radio button
msg (int): a message value to be triggered when the radio button is clicked

Member Functions

void SetValue(value)

Sets the value of the radio button (whether it is checked or not).

Return value: none
value (bool): true if the button should be checked, false if un-checked

bool Value()

Returns the current value of the radio button.

Return value (bool): true if checked, false if un-checked
class LM_RadioButton : public LM_BaseWidget {
  void SetValue(bool value);
  bool Value();