class LM_Point

The Point class is used to indicate a pixel location on the screen.

Member Variables

x (int)

The horizontal location of the pixel.

y (int)

The vertical location of the pixel.

Member Functions

void Set(x, y)

Set the value of a point. This function is an alternative to setting the x and y values individually.

x (int): the x value you wish to set
y (int): the y value you wish to set
Return value: none

void Set(point)

Set the value of a point by copying an existing point.

point (Point): another Point object whose value you wish to copy
Return value: none
class LM_Point @ Point {
  void Set(int32 xVal, int32 yVal);
  void Set(const LM_Point &p2);
  LM_Point operator+(const LM_Point &p2) const;
  LM_Point operator-(const LM_Point &p2) const;
  int32  x;
  int32  y;