class AnimVec3

The AnimVec3 class represents an animated sequence of 3D vector values.

Member Functions

void SetValue()

Set the value at a given frame.

Return value: none
when (int): frame number
val (LM_Vector3): the value to set

LM_Vector3 GetValue()

Return the value of this channel at a given frame.

Return value (LM_Vector3): value at the given frame
when (int): frame number

Member Variables

value (LM_Vector3)

The current value of the channel.

class AnimVec3 : public AnimChannel {
  void SetValue(int32 when, LM_Vector3 val);
  LM_Vector3 GetValue(int32 when);
  void SetValueByID(int32 id, LM_Vector3 val);
  LM_Vector3 GetValueByID(int32 id);
  LM_Vector3  value;