class ImageLayer

Member Functions

void SetSourceImage(path)

Assign an image file to the image layer.

Return value: none
path (string): file path to the image file

string SourceImage()

Return the source image's file path.

Return value (string): file path to the image file
class ImageLayer : public AudioLayer {
  void SetSourceImage(const char *path);
  const char *SourceImage();
  void SetAviAlpha(bool b);
  bool AviHasAlpha();
  void SetMovieLooping(bool b);
  bool MovieLooping();
  void SetReverseMovie(bool b);
  bool MovieReversed();
  bool IsMovieLayer();
  int32 MovieDuration();
  real MovieFps();
  void SetMovieFps(real fps);
  int32 PixelWidth();
  int32 PixelHeight();
  void ImageToLayer(LM_Vector2 pixel, LM_Vector2 &layer);
  void LayerToImage(LM_Vector2 layer, LM_Vector2 &pixel);
  void ClearMaskingPoints();
  void AddMaskingPoint(LM_Vector2 seedPt, int32 tolerance, bool reverseMask);
  void AdjustMaskingPointTolerance(int32 tolerance);
  void FinalizeMaskingPoint();
  int32 CountTrackingPoints();
  TrackingPoint *GetTrackingPoint(int32 id);
  TrackingPoint *AddTrackingPoint(LM_Vector2 pos, int32 frame);
  void DeleteSelectedTrackingPoints();
  void StartTracking(TrackingPoint *point);
  void SetToonEffect(bool b, int32 minEdgeThreshold, int32 maxEdgeThreshold, int32 grayThreshold, int32 blackThreshold, int32 saturation, int32 lightness, int32 quantizeLevels);
  bool HasToonEffect(int32 *minEdgeThreshold, int32 *maxEdgeThreshold, int32 *grayThreshold, int32 *blackThreshold, int32 *saturation, int32 *lightness, int32 *quantizeLevels);
  int32 SamplingMode();
  void SetSamplingMode(int32 mode);
  bool PremultipliedMovie();
  void SetPremultipliedMovie(bool b);