class InterpSetting

New feature

class InterpSetting {
  void Reset();
  real BezierOutAngle(int32 component);
  void SetBezierOutAngle(int32 component, real angle);
  real BezierInAngle(int32 component);
  void SetBezierInAngle(int32 component, real angle);
  real BezierOutPercentage(int32 component);
  void SetBezierOutPercentage(int32 component, real percent);
  real BezierInPercentage(int32 component);
  void SetBezierInPercentage(int32 component, real percent);
  int32  interpMode;
  real  val1, val2;
  int32  interval; // 1 to interpolate every frame, 2 to animate on 2's, 3 to animate on 3's, etc.
  int32  hold; // how many frames to hold the previous value before interpolating to the next
  int32  tags; // used for keyframe color, and possibly other stuff in the future
  uint8  flags;