class M_Face3D

The M_Face3D class represents a face in a 3D mesh.

Member Variables

numP (int)

The number of points in the face (can be 3 or 4).

p1 (int)

An index to the first point in the mesh that makes up this face.

p2 (int)

An index to the second point in the mesh.

p3 (int)

An index to the third point in the mesh.

p4 (int)

An index to the fourth point in the mesh.

matID (int)

An index to the mesh material that should be used on this face.

class M_Face3D {
  int32    numP;
  int32    p1;
  int32    p2;
  int32    p3;
  int32    p4;
  int32    n1;
  int32    n2;
  int32    n3;
  int32    n4;
  int32    matID;
  LM_Vector3  normal;
  int32    groupTag;