Welcome to the Smith Micro Moho scripting reference!

Anime Studio has a "new old" name. It is now called Moho. To many long time users of this amazing animation application it has always been Moho. The latest release, Moho 12, is one of the most exciting updates we have seen.


This website currently covers the scripting reference up to Anime Studio 9.x. Although much of the information here should work without problems we will be updating it to cover Moho 12.

Scripting Reference Overview

All of the tools and many of the features of Moho are created using a simple to learn but powerful scripting language called "Lua". By learning this programming language and the Moho scripting API anyone can create and add new tools or features to the already amazing and powerful Moho application.

Bear in mind that creating or modifying tools in Moho is possible, it should be approached with caution. It does require some study of the Lua programming language and knowledge of the specific Moho API. That is where this site will help you.

Anime Studio Pro Scripting Reference Download

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This is the original HTML documentation that only covers the scripting interface in version 5.

Download and extract the zip file. Open the index.html file inside the folder in your favorite browser.